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Hello Beautiful!

At Hello Beautiful, our foundational belief is that beauty is inherent in each one of us. This conviction stems from the personal and professional experiences of our founder and chief practitioner, Katie Wilson. With a diverse background spanning 8 years in the healthcare field, from Med-surg to Pediatrics and from Urgent Care to Women's Health and Wellness, Katie has cultivated a comprehensive understanding of overall health. This breadth of knowledge underscores our commitment to a holistic approach to well-being, addressing the varied challenges people encounter at different stages of life.

One of our core services is the Medical Weight Loss Program. Katie's own challenges with weight and self-perception echo the experiences of many. After navigating through countless diets and facing recurring setbacks, she studied the profound effects of prescription medications tailored for weight loss. Personally witnessing their transformative potential ignited her passion to bring this solution to others, culminating in the creation of Hello Beautiful.

Our mission is crystal clear: we aspire to help you recognize and revel in your enduring beauty. We are here to assist you in realizing wellness aspirations that may have once felt unattainable. With expert guidance, effective medications, and unwavering support, our aim is to offer an enriching experience where you're inspired by the outcomes and encouraged by newfound confidence.





(623) 326-4445


2501 W Happy Valley Rd

40-1115 Suite 106

Phoenix, AZ. 85085


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